treated me like a criminal!

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I placed online order Oct 6th.Got confirmation email, and then they never sent it.

When I found out about 2 weeks later they didn't send it I called and asked why. It was an important gift...and delivery was time sensitive. They told me (Dash and Stephanie, on two separate calls) me there was wrong information on order. Yet when I told them to read it back to me there was NOTHING wrong.

They said that if they find something questionable they cancel the order and don't notify you. That's it, they don't email or call, and they have both email and phone, if they THINK there is a problem! So, you never know unless you ask the person you sent it to or wait for your charge statement. When I called first it was Dash I spoke to and he said sorry about that, so too bad, he would look into it and find out why it happened.

He offered to send it our overnight, I said that the recipient was not going to be there to get it the next day and to send it the day after that. He said he would and would call me back about why I was bumped out of their system. I was not happy that it took two weeks to find this out! He never called me back.

He never confirmed, as he said he would, my order again. Never got anything from him. I called back and spoke with someone named Stephanie, she said the same thing he did but it would be 24-48 hours to get back to me and that the order would not be placed. She told me he told me that.

He said NO such thing or I would have ordered it from someone else. She was snippy and I got nasty because I told her he was lying about it, he never said he would get back to me in 24-48 hours! I called the owner and he never called me back. Terrible way to treat a new customer, to consider them thieves, liars, cheats when they don't even know you, it 's insulting.

I told Stephanie that if I were a crook why would I call them once much less twice?! They had the right information and yet THEY were the ones who were wrong here. I would never refer anyone to them...they are horrible to do business with and ASSUMES that if something is wrong that the customer on the other end wouldn't like to fix whatever it is they say is wrong.

Lousy business, and a lousy owner who would not return a call.I hope consumers read this and go elsewhere.

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